Tournament Rules


Contests are open to any players who sign up for the tournament online or at the store who are over the age of thirteen. Minors need to have a written permission from their parents or guardians to participate in the contest.

All Types of Rifles in store are allowed.

4 mags are given for each game: 1st Magazine is for the warm up / practice. The next 3 magazines will be counted for the tournament results.

The final score displayed on the electronic targets will be recorded on each round.

Multiple participation is allowed, and the highest score is going to be taken only for the award.

Each location will offer 10 great prizes for their top 10 local participants so almost everyone will be awarded while having fun.

Competitors can attend the local tournament at different participating Galactic Challenge locations but the highest score of all locations will bring your prize. It is not allowed to win more than one prize at the Local Tournament.

AWARD Winning Announcement


The first tournament starts at 10am Pacific Time on 11 April, 2022 and ends at 9pm Pacific Time on 31 May, 2022.

The Galactic Challenge website and the Instagram page will display the tournament leaderboard, so that you can keep track of your standing via your phone or other mobile devices.

Winners will be announced at the end of the tournament on Instagram.

After each contest, the prize winners will be contacted via Instagram. The following week, there will be an award ceremony at our stores.

If tie, we will check the score of the 1st practice round. The best practice round will be the tie breaker.

The top 50% of the local winners from each store will be qualified to compete against other stores` winners at the REGIONAL TOURNAMENT.

Tournament Prizes


1st Place >>> G&G GPM9 Mk3 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

2nd Place >>> G&G GTP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

3rd Place >>> Monster Turbo 4WD RC Truck

4th Place >>> Drone LH-X20 Model 360 Flip Action

5th Place >>> Helicopter LH-1302 Digital Proportional R/C Model

6th Place >>> $70 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

7th Place >>> $60 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

8th Place >>> $50 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

9th Place >>> $40 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

10th Place >>> $30 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

Tournament Prizes


1st Place >>> Microsoft XBOX Series S Digital Edition

2nd Place >>> G&G M4 Carbine “Femme Fatale” Special Edition

3rd Place >>> $150 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

4th Place >>> $100 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

5th Place >>> $75 Galactic Challenge Gift Card

All Prizes

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