About Us

Galactic Challenge Inc. (“Galactic Challenge”) is a fast-growing entertainment business that was formed at the end of 2019 with its first two locations at Northridge Fashion Center and Main Place Santa Ana. Now, it is currently in thirteen (13) shopping centers in California.

The stores provide Space-theme entertainment experience and games with Airsoft devices in the form of carnival style target games. Airsoft devices that are specifically designed to look like toys shoot colorful plastic beads. Our guests participate by paying per game and are awarded prizes for knocking down a specific number of targets.


It is a unique experience for everyone to enjoy their moments with friends and family members.


You can either challenge yourself or your friends and family members by aiming to hit all targets.


The winner gets a prize where there is a rich variety of gift options at the store for all ages, and genders.


There is no age limit for playing Airsoft games. We have had visitors from 3 yrs old playing with his dad to 80 yrs old veterans. All ages and genders are welcome to enjoy it.

Our Services

Birthday Parties

Have an unforgettable Birthday party at a location closest to you. Bring your best friends and family members to show your skills. There will be small tournaments among your group and the winner gets a prize.

Business Partnership

We have grown so fast in this entertainment industry with our partnership model where it is a win-win game. If you would like to be a partner/investor, don’t be hesitant to make your move. Please contact us to get more information to bring this fun concept to your region.


We organize a monthly tournament for the best players. You get to challenge time and speed. The prize absolutely gets bigger, like drones, RC Cars, and more… Hurry up and Save your spot!

And more…

There are more fun activities and surprises for our visitors at the stores. All you need to do is to choose your destination…

Generate excitement

Birthday Parties, Tournaments, Business Partnership and more…


Visit us in person!

We are so excited to serve our guests 7 days a week at the following shopping centers in California, so feel free to visit us during normal business hours.